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Wireless Secondary Control Panel

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Model 378LM - Wireless Secondary Control Panel

Specifically designed for customers who want an extra control panel in the garage.
Provides fast, easy installation with no wiring required. Compatible with all 315 MHz garage door openers. Install anywhere in the garage - near the garage door, near the garage access door - as long as it's in the line of sight of the garage door. Has a large push button that opens and closes the garage door, along with a button that turns opener lights on or off. An auxiliary button can be programmed to open and close a second garage door opener, too.

Model 378LM is NOT meant to be a substitute for a wired control panel.

  • Remotes cannot be programmed from this unit
  • Garage door cannot be opened if the battery dies
  • Light button must be programmed by a wired multi-function control panel
  • There is no lock feature to lock out remote controls
  • No constant LED - cannot be seen in the dark
  • There is no constant pressure to override The Protector System® in an emergency


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