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Customers and dealers across Canada have relied on Upwardor for over 50 years to provide outstanding products, exceptional service and dependable repairs for commercial and residential garage door applications.

We specialize in the manufacturing of a full range of commercial and residential sectional garage doors and door operating systems. The Upwardor Market was developed to offer consumers an online portal to purchase new and existing products offered by Upwardor.

  • “We have been working with Upwardor for several years. We love the fact that they are a Canadian made product, manufactured right here in Milton Ontario, employing many Canadian families.”

  • “I highly recommend Upwardor Inc. because of their quality products. We uses their products regularly and thus far, we have never had a complaint. Quality speaks for itself when it comes to Upwardor!”

  • “I’ve worked with quite a few people at Upwardor including the owner, everyone’s goal has been to help me and my business be successful. Great people, great product, great company!”

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  • CrownWall Accessories

    Storage, tire racks, shelving and more

  • CrownWall

    Use Panels as tracks or an interior finish

  • Bundles

    Panels, storage, tire racks all in one

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