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Pneumatic edge with coil cord 12’ & 18'

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About the PS20...

The PS20 pneumatic switch offers a reliable, low-cost signalling alternative to an electric edge. The PS20 switch enclosure accepts an air hose connection. When the attached hose is compressed and air is forced into the diaphragm, it activates a switch. The signal is sent to the motor controls via wired (PS20A) or wireless (PS20-RF) transmission. The PS20- RF is our standard PS20A pneumatic switch with a transmitter embedded within the switch enclosure. Its wireless feature eliminates the need to hardwire coil cords or retracting reels, which saves installation time and improves visual aesthetics. The PS20-RF switch kit includes a receiver, which is wired to the motor controls. Each transmitter/receiver pair is capable of 4 billion coding combinations, negating the possibility of crosstalk with an adjacent door.


• Works on doors up to 18’ in length
• RF version operates at distance up to 100’ depending on conditions
• Simple installation
• Can be used with standard pneumatic hose and Miller Edge extrusion


• Coiling Grilles
• Rolling Doors
• Sectional Doors
• Sliding Doors


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