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iControls Traffic Light

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iControls proudly manufactures a variety of advanced-technology LED signalling devices for use at Loading Docks & Bays, Gates, Parking Garages, Weigh Scales, Toll Booths, and other locations where reliable traffic control is required.


Reliable Brightness - The TL series of LED Stop & Go lights are simply the brightest available on the market. They boasts ultra- bright high-efficiency LEDs that are amplified by optical LED lenses. These lights can be seen in all conditions, including direct sunlight.

Long Lifespan - The low voltage units, with a wide input range of 12- 24Vac/dc, feature on-board power supplies. As a result, they generate constant, consistent brightness and that is not affected by fluctuating supply voltages.

Weather-Resistant - TL series of lights are manufactured with housing materials designed to withstand all weather conditions, including long sun and/or rain exposure. The TL96 models are completely gasketed and waterproof, while the TL24 model has boards that are coated in a waterproof polymer.

Low Profile - All of the TL lights are designed to mount discretely to the wall so as to avoid any accidental impact. The TL96 have only 3” of depth, while the TL24 model extends just over 1” from the wall. Its narrow profile also allows it to fit into the tightest of spaces.


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