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External Standalone Access Control Receiver Security + 2.0

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The STAR1000 Commercial Access Receiver with Security+ 2.0 ™ , for gate and commercial door operators, delivers best-in-class performance and security. Designed specifically for commercial applications such as parking lots, parking garages and employee gate entrances, the receiver holds up to 1000 remote controls and provides superior range and performance. .

  • Duplicate memory module a back-up system for stored remote controls. Module can be removed for safe keeping to restore to a new receiver if necessary. Can also be used to duplicate the memory into additional receivers, allowing one remote control to access several receivers.
  • Designed for outdoor environments rated IP44 housing
  • The STAR1000 Receiver with Passport Lite Remote Controls allows you to block learn with the 10 and 100 packs all in one simple step, saving you valuable time

Safety and Security
  • Security+ 2.0™ safeguards access to property with an encrypted signal to offer extended range with Security+2.0.
  • User-Friendly Programming with an LCD menu screen, makes it easy to add, block and delete individual remote controls.
  • Block Learn Feature allows management to easily program Passport Lite remote controls quickly in lots of 10 or 100 remotes
  • Memory Slots reusable after remote controls have been deleted.


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