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Electronic Edge ME123 with Retracting Wheel (per ft.)

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The ME123 sensing edge is the industry’s go-to, two inch extruded edge designed to fit a variety of door applications. It is custom manufactured to specified color and length. When touched lightly, ME123 will send an immediate electrical signal to operator controls to stop and/or reverse gate operation. This slide-in style edge features a double-T mounting design which provides superior stability.


· Sectional doors
· Horizontal sliding doors
· Scissor lifts
· Conveyor systems
· Presses



· Easy to install
· Optimum size for 2 inch thick surfaces
· Double-T design for added stability
· Mounts vertically or horizontally
· Sealed assembly impervious to dust and debris
· Various mounting channel options
· Custom manufactured to user specifications for color, length, and outlet location
· Patented Alumaglasfor superior performance (electric option)
· UL 325 Recognized Component
· 1-year warranty (2-year for ME123-U)
· Made in USA


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